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Cedar Keepsake Box - Medium Size

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Taylorsville Crate’s Medium Sized Cedar Keepsake Box is hand crafted and American made.  A beautiful decorative wooden box that contains and organizes while adding charm and style to any interior. This small cedar chest is a great desktop / countertop / tabletop size allows for ample storage.

  • Hand crafted with finger joined corners from aromatic cedar

  • Great desktop/table top size : OD 9 5/8 x 14 ¼ x 9

  • Perfect Trinket Box / Keepsake Box / Memory Box

  • Ample storage: ID 8 1/8 x 12 ¾ x 8 ¼

  • Attractive  brass hardware

  • Made in Taylorsville, NC

Taylorsville Crate has made cases and crates for over 30 years. Every wood box is unique, with variations in finish color and texture.  All of our products share an attention to detail and high standards for the quality of our materials and assembly.  

The sides of this box are joined using a haunched box joint.  A box joint means the ends of the wood pieces are interleaved almost like dove tails. The box is then pin nailed for a super strong joint. The box joint also adds a nice decorative accent to the piece.

A great small keepsake box for baby memories, wedding memories, or for a nice decorative storage accessory.