For storage or as a decorative accessory, Taylorsville Crate hand crafts distinctive finger joined boxes and chests at our workshop in Taylorsville, North Carolina. Large Keepsake Boxes to store memories and souvenirs, Chests to store blankets and sweaters, or Precious Boxes for small trinkets or desktop storage - American made pieces that add romance and character to your home.

  • Handmade with Pride

    We like to do things right the first time. Here at Taylorsville Crate that means using the right materials and proceeding with care and attention.

  • Cedar Chests and Boxes

    All of our box styles come in a cedar option. Aromatic cedar has a special color and grain with anti pest properties to preserve fabric.

  • Livable Decorating

    The spaces we live in work best when they are inviting, artful, and suited to our purposes.